Hyundai Veloster 2011-2016 Vertical Lambo Doors

  • Model: VDCHYVEL11
  • Manufactured by: Vertical Doors Inc.
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Hyundai Veloster 2011-2016 Lambo Door Conversion Kit by Vertical Doors Inc. Part Number: VDCHYVEL11 Includes: 2 Gas Shocks 2 Vertical Doors, Inc., Lambo Door Hinges (one for each side) All Mounting Hardware Direct "Bolt On" Hinge Kit Mounts to Factory Bolt Pattern Made in the USA from Domestic Hardened Steel Patented in the USA Completely Reversible This kit will fit HYUNDAI Veloster 2DR 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Vertical Doors, Inc. is the only manufacturer of Vertical Lambo Doors and ZLR Door Conversion in the USA. This is a vertical door kit for an Hyundai Veloster 2011-2016. Lambo Door Conversion Kit made specifically for your vehicle. VDI manufactures only the best, highest quality, strongest, and most affordable kit for the quality. Our line-up includes all of the major vehicle manufactures. Our system is everything you need for a successful, reliable and cost effective conversion in a minimum amount of time. Vertical Doors, Inc., kits are proudly made and patented in the United States. Bolt-on kits made specifically for your vehicle. Is it hard to install Vertical Lambo Doors? It is fairly easy as long as you are mechanically inclined and have basic tools. Our bolt-on kits come with your vehicles factory bolt patter for an easy install. A 6-12 page instructions manual is provided along with free tech support. We prototype every kit to be as easy as possible to install. See our detail installation sample here Still need more help? Click here to see a few more Tech Tips Is it difficult to operate the doors after the Conversion? Not only is our kit easy to install but is also easy to operate. Basically open your door like normal until it stops at a predetermined position then raise your door. Every kit comes with a shock that will take most of the door weight making it easy to raise the door up. Our kits give you the freedom to open your door as factory, unlike most imitators, Lambo Doors, Scissor Doors, Wing Doors, Butterfly Doors, Lamborghini Doors, etc. Your Hyundai Veloster 2011-2016 will keep its factory look and feel while you are driving but the moment you stop and raise your doors you will experience a whole new level of attention that no other upgrade can give you. We have a few videos that will give you a good idea of how the Bolton Lambo Door Conversion works. Click here to get more information on how the Vertical Lambo Doors work. Is this a safe Vertical Lambo Door hinge? With over a decade in the market we have seen just about everything. The two main components of the Vertical Doors, Inc., hinge are made from 3/8 and 1/2 inch steel making them virtually bullet proof and able to withstand just about anything. Below are two of our customers that sent us pictures after their vehicles were totaled. In both cases the Vertical Doors, Inc. hinges worked perfectly after the accidents. Q. How strong are the Vertical Lambo Door Hinges? A. They are very Strong. After tolling down the hill Sam quote was, "The only thing workig was the Vertical Doors, Inc., Kit. Lambo Door real life crash test Adkins Rolled his Smart Car on the 91 FWY as you can see there was plenty of damage to the car, but not to the Vertical Doors, Inc. Convesion Kit. Vertical Lambo Door real world crash test One more of our customers, as you can see there is extensive damage around the fender and door area but the Vertical Doors, Inc. kit still works. Vertical Doors, Inc. Lambo Door after car accident Here is a link to the common questions our customers have about our Vertical Lambo Door Conversion Kits. Click here to see the FAQ's Section When did Vertical Doors / Lambo Doors Conversions come into existence? Ever since the 1960's people have been trying to come up with a new cool way to open the door of their car. Car manufacturer's and designers starting to come up with concept and production cars using different styles of car doors. In the early 2000's Vertical Doors, Inc. introduced its Vertical Doors Conversion Kit. Vertical Doors, Inc. was the company that introduced the product to the market. Today Vertical Doors, Inc., is the most recognized name in our industry when it comes to Door Conversions. You can see our products and/or copies in movies, magazines and virtually every car show. This Vertical Doors, Inc., product is covered under one or more of the following U.S.A patents #7,941,897; #7,552,514; #6,808,223 #6,845,547; #7,140,075; #7,059,655 and other patents pending. USA PATENTS WILL BE AGGRESSIVELY ENFORCED! Vertical Doors, Inc., Kits Also Known As: Lambo Doors Conversion Kits, Lambo Style Hinge Kits, LSD, VDC, VDI, VDC Kits, Upright Doors, Wing Doors, Butterfly Doors, Lamborghini Doors. Are all the Hyundai Veloster 2011-2016 Lambo Doors the same? No, Vertical Doors, Inc. is the only USA manufacturer. We use domestic carbon steel and all our pivot and strike points are heat treated. Most companies that have copied our designed use the cheapest way possible means to make their kits and since they can just shut down and restart under another name, they don't worry about quality of their products. Beware Before you Buy: Weld on kits may damage your vehicle. If the kit does not bolt up to the factory bolt pattern Installation will be difficult and/or expensive. Be careful of companies selling so-called bolt-on kits that actually do not have the correct bolt pattern or worse they send you a paper template so that you have to drill the holes yourself. Make sure your Lambo Door Kit comes complete with hardware, shocks, instructional manual and FREE tech support. Some sellers will mislead you and say "Weld-on" installation is easy and that their universal style kits are made for your particular vehicle. Make sure you can speak to the seller.